Orchid Farm and more

We visited an orchid farm that grows 6 varieties of orchids and produces 3 million orchids a year. it was beautiful! Then we went to city hall and met the mayor and the city developer. They gave us a brief history of the city and showed us a brief movie. we took several photos. the local newspaper was there too.

We had a traditional lunch: green salad, feijõada (black beans with bacon and rice) andchurrasco (bbq meat) at a family owned restaurant. in the afternoon, we attended a technical/vocational high school. the students were very inquisitive about American culture and we had a nice exchange with them. the school offered classes in nursing, clothes design, and chemistry. a lot of hands on classes. Janaina and another teacher served as our guides and interpreters.

Next stop; a private hospital. it was small but very nice. exclusive. doctors form a cooperative. Mario and the hospital director served as our guides. Janaina was our interpreter.

Sara, Will, and Emilia then went to a public hospital that was quite the opposite. the city is supposed to support and help subsidize with funding. the facilities were modest, but nurses and doctors were incredible and persist in keeping the place afloat. the emergency room sees 600 people per day. Mario served as our guide.

Mark Epstein