Santo André Alimentos

We visited Santo André Alimentos, a local coffee plant. One of the owners and the quality control officer gave us a brief history of the business and its functioning. We then toured the plant and saw the process of roasting the beans through to packaging the coffee for shipment.
Later that morning; we visited a private school and spoke to the students. The students were preschool age through high school. the kids asked us several questions about music, our professions, our impressions of brazil, etc. fun!  we had lunch at a nice Italian restaurant.

In the afternoon we went to a private school run by industries. It was amazing. It was called SESI. It's a social/cultural school. There is a theater on campus that is world class. There are also art exhibitions. All activities are free because they want to promote culture in the area. We were invited to a farewell dinner at a Rotarian’s home. it was nice. the "sobremesas" were incredible: homemade custard with dark chocolate sauce and lemon mousse!

We left Itapetininga with wonderful memories and friendships.

Mark Epstein