On to Tatuí


One of the “hosts”,Sandra, took us to her family's foundation in Iperó. The foundation was set up to promote work force development in the manufacturing sector. Maria Helena is a board member.

We met several students that are attending the school and the long days they split between work and school. We also learned from Sandra's brother, a former mayor, about the politics of the area and how difficult the government can be to work with when trying to do good things for the people of the city.

We returned to Tatuí for our rotary meeting at 8pm. We were greeted by Pres Oscar and other officers. at the table they invited Heather and Emilia along with a former governor, a past president, and the president elect: Pres Simeão, who is 99 years old!  The meeting was larger and more formal than the first meeting. There were about 100 people in attendance.
Our presentation was done in Portuguese this time by all the GSE members (we are getting better.

There was an Interact club at the meeting as well, with 5 members in attendance.

Mark Epstein