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Connect: ONLINE

We are a club that meets in person and online.  Members are welcome to participate in both formats.  We encourage members to participate in both modes to become familiar with the technology and to provide flexibility in participating in club activities.  

Participation  is very easy.  If you are a club member please enter the passcode provided.  If you are a member of another Rotary Club and would like to participate in the online experience please fill out the form below an a club representative will provide you access information.

Once in the online meeting space, there are two options dependent upon the meeting date or the time period for the online experience.  The first venue is available when an in person meeting is taking place at the Columbus Country Club.  This format is subject to speakers providing permission to video and stream their presentation.  

The alternate meeting space is a pre-recorded video of a presentation with room for comments by Rotarian's in the form of a blog.  The online presentation will be no more than 30 minutes in duration.